Some Johillco repairs

So that eBay lot of “Britains” figures turned out to be one or two Britains and a bunch of Johillco figures, a copycat company started by a former Britains employee. That’s my mistake, I’m not good enough yet at recognizing Britains from knockoffs in photos.

The Johillco guys aren’t bad figures and I’m not one to turn down a toy soldier in need so I built some new legs for the horses and reattached heads where needed. Here’s some mid-surgery shots.

I’m not sure about the figure below. Maybe it’s another Britains knockoff, but doesn’t seem to be Britains or Johillco. With Britains, the presence of a mustache and painted reins on the horse shows its pre-war. So this figure is probably pretty old and I didn’t have any other similar figures to model new legs. For now, he’s in the repair drawer until I can find out more.