Saxon Merchant

If there’s anyone Vlad the Impaler hated more than Turks, it was Saxon merchants. Maybe he got a bad deal at some point, or maybe it had to do with the Wallachian Saxons backing Vlad’s opponent for the Hungarian throne. Anyway, I sculpted a captured Saxon merchant looking like he just got dragged from his townhouse. Maybe an objective or something for a skirmish game.

Painted Arquebusier and pike

Here’s the arquebusier, cast and painted up in a similar palette to the painting he’s modeled after.

And here’s a Landsknecht marching pikeman/halberdier, complete except for the sword. I’m hoping the details on the leg garments come out – part of the outer hose is falling down revealing other clothing as is shown in Landsknecht paintings. Maybe it was a deliberate style, like slashing, or maybe the rigors of campaigning wore out clothes quickly. Either way, it’s typically Landsknecht!

Both these figures are more in scale for 15mm and are compatible with the Old Glory and Venexia figures I’ve got. Next on my list is to take some shots of everything I’ve painted so far.