Foundry and Perry Napoleonics

A break from Britains! Some Foundry and Perry Miniatures 28mm Napoleonics. Foundry figures are great, the Perry castings are amazing. The depth and angles they’re able to get in their casting – it’s astounding.

The downside to Perry, I’ve found, is that their detail is so fine and so small it can be hard to pick out with a brush. They sculpt three times larger than the finished product, allowing them to get all that detail. As with those beautifully detailed 1/72 plastics, the details are there but sometimes so small you can barely get a highlight on them.

Some French voltigeurs taking pot shots at an advancing Austrian squad.

The scruffy French veteran in the back, still wearing his 1806 issue white uniform, slew several Brits and an English officer in a skirmish game several years ago. I was glad he lived up to his looks!